Monkey's Fist Backhand Impact Tool

Monkey's Fist Backhand Impact Tool

SKU: 1111242

With a 9.8 oz steel ball center, you get maximum retention with this closed loop design. This monkey's fist is made purely for fun, novelty, and recreation.





Overall length - 50 cm



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To determine if the length of this bracelet is the right size for your wrists:


1. Measure your wrist below the wrist bone (where you would normally wear your bracelet) using a flexible measuring tape or string.


2. If using a string, mark your string with a pen where the end of the bracelet needs to be. Then measure the string with a ruler. This is your wrist size.


3. Based on how snug you want the bracelet to fit, add an additional 1.2 cm to 2.5 cm to your wrist measurement.


Your total measurement should be equal to or less than the listed bracelet size of this piece.